Saturday, July 02, 2005


Saw Land of the Dead today. What can I say? Genius, pure, unsullied genius. Best film of the past 20 years (which was when Day of the Dead was released). If you do not see this film, if you go see that freak Tom Cruise's film instead, I swear to all that is unholy, I will hunt you down and eat the crap out of your brains. I am not even kidding.

I will also say this, and I can not stress enough how important this is: if Big Daddy is not nominated for an Oscar for Best Lead Performance by a Zombie, I will personally devour the brains of every single member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Even you, Ed Begley Jr.! Don't think I won't!!


Blogger Archangel_Rokan said...

Just so you know you can't eat an archangel's brain (Its personally protected by the big guy, at least I think it is.). Plus even if you could how would you get into heaven ( not that your evil or anything, you just happen to be un-dead.)

But anyway... I saw War of The Worlds. It was ok (acctually it might have been Tom's best movie) I really wanted to see Land of The Dead but it wasn't showing at my local cinema.

2:29 PM  
Blogger Zombie_Tom said...

Hey! Tom's best movie is now, and always shall be, Cocktail. And don't you forget it!

1:38 PM  

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