Saturday, May 21, 2005


Questions and answers from yesterday's comments.

The questions:

1) Why aren't there more Zombie support groups? I mean I saw an ad for a lesbian zombie support group, but we can't all be lesbians.
2) Have you ever considered doing an advice column? I bet there a lot of
zombies out there who need a little advice from a level headed zombie such
as yourself.
3) Are you angry about the lack of zombie representation in the media or
government? I know I would be if I were a zombie.
4) Do you hate wind chimes as much as a zombie as you did when you were alive?
5) If a zombie is trying to eat my brains and I fend him or her off by
chopping off their legs, is that a hate crime?
6) Is it brain or brains for the singular organ located in the head? A
zombie would know.


The answers:

1. Speak for yourself.
2. I advise more brain eating.
3. Frankly, you'd be surprised at how many zombie representatives there already are in the media and government. Matt Lauer? Totally undead. Geraldo Rivera? Undead as a three-dollar bill. Dick Cheney? May possibly never have been alive to begin with. Hilary Clinton? Half-undead (on her mother's side.)
4. Wind chimes make fine Mother's Day gifts, as long as you don't live with your mother.
5. No, have at it! It won't help you, anyway.
6. I don't cares what you calls 'em, I just likes to eats 'em.


Anonymous Anonymous said...!!!! your local zombie support group!!!

4:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zombie Forum
Zombie Forum
Zombie Forum
Zombie Forum
Zombie Forum
Zombie Forum
Zombie Forum

5:03 AM  

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